Teaching at Maastricht

Course coordination (Academic year 2019/2020):

  • RES5020 The EU, Russia and China: Competing Approaches to Regional and Global Governance
  • RES5510 Research Design
  • RES5013 Research Project
  • RES6990 Research Internship
  • RES6910 Study Abroad
  • RES6910 Double Degreee
  • EUS3502 Research Methods: Survey Design

Education projects

Giselle Bosse’s course on “Survey research” UM best practice example (January 2019)

The course ‘Research Methods: Survey Research’ (BA European Studies), coordinated by Dr Bosse, has been selected by EDLAB as ‘Best Practice Example for the Use of Creative PBL’.

In this course, students carry out quantitative surveys for cultural and social organisations in Maastricht and the wider Meuse–Rhine Euroregion. Students also create interactive WordPress websites to present research results and policy recommendations to local clients.

Over the past ten years, students attending this course have carried out over 60 research projects for more than 30 local cultural and social organisations in Maastricht and the wider Meuse–Rhine Euroregion, including the Muziekgieterij, AINSI, Centre Céramique, Stichting SoAP, Filmtheater Lumiere, Opera Zuid, Marres, Maastricht University Green Office or the Holland Expat Center South.

Watch the video about this course.

Teaching elsewhere

Bosse is visiting professor at the CCollege of Europe logoollege of Europe in Bruges (since 2014), delivering a course on ‘The EU’s Eastern Partnership: Policy, Peoples and Regional Power Politics’. She is also visiting professor at the Diplomatic School of Armenia in Yerevan.