Edited Volumes 

  • 2023 Guest Editorial: Resilient states versus resilient societies? Whose security does the EU protect through the Eastern Partnership? Special Issue, Journal of Contemporary European Studies (with A. Vieira and C. Kaunert). Q1
  • 2013 Values vs. Security? The Choice for the EU and Its Neighbours, Manchester, Manchester University Press (with G. Noutcheva and K. Pomorska).
  • 2011 Guest Editorial: The Geopolitics of Energy Security in ‘Wider Europe’, Special Issue, Geopolitics, 16, 3 (with A. Schmidt-Felzmann). Q1

Refereed Articles 

  • 2023 The EU’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine: Invoking norms and values in times of fundamental rupture, Journal of Common Market Studies (in production, Article DH_ID: 17856740). Q1
  • 2023 Introduction to Special Issue: Resilient states versus resilient societies? Whose security does the EU protect through the Eastern Partnership?, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 31(4), 1048-1057 (with A. Vieira and C. Kaunert). DOI: 10.1080/14782804.2023.2241021. Q1
  • 2023 Resilient states vs. resilient societies? The ‘dark side’ of resilience narratives in EU relations with authoritarian regimes: a case study of Belarus, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 31(4), 1058-1072 (with A. Vieira). DOI: 10.1080/14782804.2023.2211938  Q1
  • 2022 Values, rights, and changing interests: The EU’s response to the war against Ukraine and the responsibility to protect Europeans, Contemporary Security Policy, 43(3), 531-546. DOI: 10.1080/13523260.2022.2099713Q1
  • 2022 Does the EU Have Moral Authority? A Communicative Action Perspective on Sanctions, Politics and Governance, 10(1), 16-25. DOI: https://doi.org/10.17645/pag.v10i1.4680Q1
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(Q1 – Journal ranks in first quartile in Political Science, International Relations or Area Studies)

Book Chapters 

  • 2023 Strict, fair, engaged…. and still without a vision? A view from the Netherlands on EU enlargement and its neighbourhood, in: Keading, M., Pollak, J. and Schmidt, P. (Eds) Enlargement and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals, Cham, Springer Nature (in production).
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Policy Reports and Briefings 



  • 2021 Speech, EU-Belarus Relations, Policy Dialogue at European Policy Centre, Brussels, June.
  • 2021 Public speech, Protests in Belarus, United Nations Association, Maastricht, March. 
  • 2020 Public speech, EU Democracy Promotion in Belarus, Leiden University, November.
  • 2019 Opening speechEuropean Commission Eastern Partnership Conference: Promoting Common Values through Education and Culture, Tbilisi, June.

RESEARCH GRANTS (selection):

  1. Embracing Change: Overcoming obstacles and advancing democracy in the European Neighbourhood – EMBRACE: EU HORIZON €215.0002022-2025 (Co-applicant / Work Package Leader)
  2. Invigorating Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy for a Resilient Europe – InvigoratEU: EU HORIZON €200.000, 2024-2027 (Co-applicant / Work Package Leader)
  3. EU Politics in a Changing Global Context – CHANCE: Jean Monnet Chair, European Commission, €50.0002020 – 2023 (PI)
  4. Network on European Counter-Terrorism – EUCTER: Jean Monnet Network, European Commission €50.0002020 – 2023 (Co-applicant)
  5. Network on Commission’s political guidelines – RELAY: Jean Monnet Network, European Commission €25.0002020 – 2023 (Co-applicant)
  6. The influence of lobby groups on EU military operation ‘Sophia’: Refugees in Science (RiS/Hestia) Fellowship Grant, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (Ref. 1154.18.037) €100.0002018 – 2020 (PI)
  7. Non-state actors in EU Foreign Policy: ASPASIA Grant, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) (Ref. 015.013.051) € 200.0002017 – 2023 (PI)
  8. Explaining Europe’s failure to deal with autocratic regimes: Which actors make and break effective democracy promotion? VENI Research Grant, Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)(Ref. 451.12.015) € 250.0002013 – 2016 (PI)